TADtalk 2018

We're back! TADtalk 2018 will be taking place on April 28th 2018.

The event will take place at the Royal College of Physicians in central London.

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2018 Speakers

Jen Grieves

Jen is a BBC digital producer, a broadcaster, writer and vlogger.

She was diagnosed with T1D in 1996 and has blogged about the adventures and misadventures of life with T1D for seven years. She has no shame in making an idiot of herself, especially if she gets a good story out of it. The aim is always to empower people to live a full and happy life despite having a chronic illness in tow. Jen firmly believes that a healthy mind plays a huge part in her ability to tackle life with type 1.


Lydia Parkhurst

Lydia is 21 years old and has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes for 8 years.

As well as being in her final year at University, Lydia runs the diabetes blog 'The Backpacker and the Pod', where she aims to show young people that type 1 diabetes does not stop you from living your life. Lydia blogs about going to University, inter-railing around Europe, completing Gold Duke of Edinburgh and lobbying in Parliament, to name but a few topics. In her spare time Lydia loves photography, playing hockey and socialising with friends.


Peter Davies

Pete has had T1D for a considerable part of his life. He has fascinating stories to tell which include the dramatic changes he has seen in T1D technology over the years, as well as accounts of his high-altitude treks and long-distance hikes.

As a retired teacher, Pete is now actively involved in "the diabetes world" and part of his role sees him returning to schools, to raise awareness of diabetes with students. Pete's usual catch-phrase is, "Believe you can, you're over half-way there!"


Mike Dunning

Mike has been flying since he was legally allowed to! His passion for aviation started from a very young age flying and building model aircraft, through to an early career on propeller aircraft. He then moved to Dubai, flying into both luxurious holiday resorts and devastated war zones. Today he flies for a British Long-haul Airline, the goal he had planned on as a youngster.

Mike was diagnosed with T1D in November 2016 after completing his probation period in his dream job. Thanks to the great support of the NHS team at Portsmouth and the pioneering developments fronted by the UK Civil Aviation Authority, he is now flying commercially again.


Becky Furuta

Becky was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in October of 2007, after a routine glucose tolerance test to screen for Gestational Diabetes. She is now an ambassador for Team Novo Nordisk, a professional cycling team all of whom have Type 1. Becky says, "Every time I see my teammates, I am reminded of what diabetes can look like, and what we can do with active management. I want others to see that, too...especially young people who might be self-conscious about having diabetes".

When she's not racing her bike, Becky is caring for her two small children, working as a health care policy consultant, contributing to childhood anti-obesity campaigns, and providing paediatric vision therapy to the children near her hometown of Boulder, Colorado. Self-discipline, Becky says, is what helps her balance a busy life with staying competitive on the bike. "It's really just awareness of consequences," she says, "If you know what you want, you will be willing to do the hard work to get there."


Katie Isherwood

Katie Isherwood has been a lingerie designer for the same amount of time as she has lived with Type 1 diabetes. She has used her experience in both areas to create Hid-In, a website offering accessories, tips, insight and support to the pumping community. With the help of her insulin pump her career has taken her around the world, combining diabetes management with an active work and social life.

Diagnosed at 22 whilst embarking on her final year of a fashion degree at St Martins College London, she had to quickly learn to manage a variety of new challenges. Switching from MDI to pump therapy in 2007, Katie has never looked back. The pump made working trips abroad much easier to manage and helped give her the confidence to live and work in Hong Kong and China. Unable to find the right accessories to help carry, conceal and access her pump she used her experience of intimate apparel to make and customise pieces herself with an emphasis on comfort, discretion and versatility. After 4 years of design, development and testing Hid-In was born from a desire to share these accessories with others in the pumping community.

Currently Katie is a Senior Designer and trend researcher for a large Far East lingerie manufacturer. She is also a huge pump advocate and spends evenings and weekends running Hid-In from a studio in East London. The Hid-In range, the Multiway Body Band in particular, is enabling Type 1's to more seamlessly integrate technology into their lifestyles and to improve the relationship between people and pumps.


TAD Talk 2017

Our second TAD talk event was held in London in April 2017 with talks from six more inspirational speakers. This year we also hosted our first TADpole event for 8-12 year olds which ran in parallel to the TAD talks.

TAD talk 2017 was chaired by Stephen Dixon, a Sky news presenter who currently anchors the Sunrise breakfast programme. He's been living with T1D for 25 years and is an advocate of self-management, tied in with the latest technology. Stephen sees living with T1D as a positive part of life and firmly believes in getting better results by working with it, rather than fighting against it.

The day started with an opening welcome address from Professor Sir Bruce Keogh who is NHS England's Medical Director and professional lead for NHS doctors. He is responsible for promoting clinical leadership, quality and innovation. Formerly, Sir Bruce had a distinguished career in surgery. He has served as a Commissioner on the Commission for Health Improvement (CHI) and the Healthcare Commission and was knighted for services to medicine in 2003.

Videos from the 2017 TADtalk can be seen here

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TAD Talk 2016

The first TAD talk was held in London in March 2016. We had seven fantastic speakers and the event was chaired by the BBC journalist and broadcaster Justin Webb who leads a successful career presenting the Today Programme on Radio Four. Justin has personal experience of caring for a family member with Type 1 diabetes. Seven years ago his son was diagnosed with T1D at the age of nine and Justin shared his experience from the parent’s perspective.

Justin Web


The video links can be seen here.

The feedback and comments from our first event included these comments:


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